Overburden Services

From small-scale topsoil removal to massive overburden relocation, our expert operators provide fast, on-schedule services to help you open or expand your mining operation.

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WD Scepaniak's project managers and crew know your mining project relies on timely overburden services. We guarantee fast and on-time project timelines. Our overburden teams are equipped with the best machinery to remove topsoil, shale, dirt, rock, sand, gravel, clay, and other materials in the way of your mining area.


Our overburden removal team will arrive on-site with the right equipment to tackle the job, whether you're opening a new mine site or expanding an existing one. We are committed to providing you with removal services that are fast and efficient, saving you the hassle and mess.

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Construction Workers


The topsoil and aggregates removed from your site will be used to fill exhausted mines and reserves. ​​We organize an efficient relocation plan that ensures that overburden materials are used effectively for pit reclamation. Your company will play an essential role in returning an old mine or pit to a natural landscape, wildlife habitat, or farmland.

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Qualified Operators

We hire highly skilled professionals that create a smooth workflow that gets your project moving quickly. With over 50 years of experience in project management, we exceed client expectations through our reputation of top-quality work and fast project timelines.

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Fast & Efficient Overburden Services

As a leading aggregate service, WD Scepaniak specializes in removing and hauling topsoil, sand, rock, and other tough-to-move materials obstructing mining projects. Our crews provide expert overburden removal and relocation services from Minnesota to Iowa. We guarantee our clients a fast, on-time project timeline. When your Midwestern mining operation needs quick and efficient overburden services, reach out to us!

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The WD Scepaniak Commitment

Wm. D. Scepaniak Inc. is the Midwest's leading aggregate services contractor. We combine over 50 years of experience with innovative, sustainable practices to provide first-rate final projects for our clients and steadfast career development for our employees.