Crushing & Screening

We are one of North America's top aggregate producers, offering our clients industry-leading portable crushing & screening spreads along with plants configured to ensure high production of spec materials.

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Wm.D Scepaniak is a leading provider of custom crushing and screening services in the Midwest. We produce more than 7 million tons of sand, gravel, and crushed stone each year. We use industry-leading equipment, including custom-fabricated machines, to supply high-quality sand, gravel, and quarry rock to meet the sizes and specifications your project requires.

Clients rely on our crushing and screening services to produce aggregate materials for local roads, highways, wind farms, reclaimed farmland, real estate projects, and more. In addition, our custom crushing services can produce products to meet DOTs standards along with other federal, state, and local construction standards.

Aggregate Products


Natural Sands, Manufactured Sands, & Agricultural Lime (Aglime).

Fine aggregates are a fundamental ingredient in construction, from concrete to backfill to specialty applications. We are a leading supplier of natural and manufactured sand in the Midwest with the capacity to supply high-quality construction sand for a wide range of applications. Reach out to us for a complete list of our fine aggregate products and arrange delivery.

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Construction Workers


Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, DOT Spec, & More.

Base aggregates can be used as a backfill material or base for asphalt roads, concrete slabs, and structural foundations. We produce crushed rock base aggregates for an extensive range of projects. Our base aggregates can range in size from 1 1/2" down to dust. Connect with us to discuss our custom crushing services, available base aggregate products, and delivery.

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Crushed Stone, Pea Gravel, Coarse Gravel, & More.

Coarse aggregates are primarily used for asphalt, concrete, backfilling, drainage, and landscaping. We are a leading producer of custom coarse aggregates--crushed stones and gravel--in the Midwest. Our crushed rocks and gravels typically range in size from 1/4" to 3" in diameter but can be customized to your specifications. Reach out to learn more about our coarse aggregate crushing and screening services and delivery.

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Rip Rap

DOT-Specified Sizes, Surge Stone, & More.

Riprap stones or shot rocks are the largest quarry rock products we offer, ranging from 6″ to 30″ in diameter. We have supplied clients with rip rap for roadways, erosion control, and site development. We can produce rip rap rock to meet DOT-specified sizes and other custom sizes and specifications. Connect with us to learn more about our available quarry rock products and custom crushing capabilities.

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Customized Crushing & Screening

Wm.D Scepaniak is known for our custom aggregate crushing and screening services. We utilize over 60 pits across the United States to provide our clients with the best quality aggregates for construction. We configure our plants to ensure high production of spec material from unique quarry rock sizing to challenging asphalt aggregates. We also utilize industry-leading portable crushing and screening spread to produce sand, gravel, crushed stone, and recycled aggregate to meet our clients' needs.

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The WD Scepaniak Commitment

Wm. D. Scepaniak Inc. is the Midwest's leading aggregate services contractor. We combine over 50 years of experience with innovative, sustainable practices to provide first-rate final projects for our clients and steadfast career development for our employees.