Pit Reclamation

We provide full-scale pit reclamation services that restore our clients' exhausted mines and aggregate reserves to green landscapes.

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Millions of Americans live less than a mile from an abandoned pit or mine. We believe in the importance of rehabilitating these sites to return the land to a stable, natural condition. WD Scepaniak's pit reclamation and restoration services strive to preserve the Midwest's beautiful landscape and reduce the environmental impact of mining. We partner with our clients to transform abandoned and exhausted mines into wildlife habitats, farms, and residential land.

Repurposing Overburden Material

We repurpose overburdened material to reclaim and restore abandoned mines and exhausted aggregate reserves as part of our commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. Topsoil and other aggregate materials removed from new mines are used to fill in pits. These materials are also used for proper erosion resistance and vegetation propagation.

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Promoting Conservation & Sustainability

We believe that together we can make the planet a greener, better place for the next generation. We hope to partner with you on a restoration project to promote conservation and sustainable mining practices. We have transformed old aggregate reserves and mines into green landscapes, agricultural land, and real-estate developments.

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Supporting Sustainable Mining Processes

WD Scepaniak has over 50 years of experience providing ecologically responsible mining and construction services in the Midwest. Though we are based in Minnesota, we have expanded to serve mining operations throughout the Midwest in need of full-scale pit reclamation services. Our experienced project managers are experts at coordinating overburden removal projects. Contact us to discuss reclaiming and restoring your abandoned mine or reserve!

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The WD Scepaniak Commitment

Wm. D. Scepaniak Inc. is the Midwest's leading aggregate services contractor. We combine over 50 years of experience with innovative, sustainable practices to provide first-rate final projects for our clients and steadfast career development for our employees.